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Contributor information and instructions

Please send your submission to:

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The Scope of the Journal

Research on Language and Social Interaction publishes the highest quality empirical and theoretical research bearing on language as it is used in interaction.

Researchers in communication, discourse analysis, conversation analysis and ethnography are likely to be the most active contributors, but we welcome submission of articles from the broad range of interaction researchers. Published papers will normally involve the close analysis of naturally-occuring interaction. The journal is also open to theoretical essays, and to quantitative studies where these are tied closely to the results of naturalistic observation.

Please contact the editor at if you have questions concerning the appropriateness of a paper for the journal. Also, a free sample of ROLSI can be viewed at the Taylor & Francis site.

Instructions to Contributors

  • Submission Please submit your article, as a Word document (not a PDF), to
  • Manuscript length Submissions with English data ought be no longer than 8,000 words; those with data in other languages with translation, no longer than 9,000 words. If your ms. includes images, note that each will be counted as occupying the space of about 200 words.
  • Format Prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th Edition).
  • Ethics Authors will provide, in the body of the text, assurance that data were (unless taken from the public domain) collected with the informed consent of those involved. In all cases data must have been collected, and been treated, with due regard for human dignity. Data should normally be anonymised.
  • Notation For papers reporting transcripts of recorded interaction, the default transcription system is the one developed by Gail Jefferson used in Conversation Analysis. (A summary of transcription notation is available in many places or can be obtained by emailing the editor.) If you use a different transcription system please describe it in an endnote.
  • Languages: Specification Submissions must specify, in the Abstract and at approriate points in the text, the language variety or varieties reported (for example, Korean, American English, Brazilian Portuguese).
  • Languages: Data Original versions of data extracts of languages that do not use a romanised script (for example, Arabic, Japanese or Chinese) may be made available to readers via the publisher's wesbite.
  • Line-length Please ensure that lines in the data-extracts are no longer than 75 characters (including spaces).
  • Images Please send images in two ways: incorporated into the body of the paper (for the convenience of the reviewers) and as a zipped set of separate jpg files (for later publication).
  • Blind review Material identifying authors should be removed from the body of the text and the references, and named individuals, or identifiable workshops, symposia and so on, must be anonymised in any acknowledgements. ROLSI is committed to a policy of blind peer review.

Please allow twelve weeks for completion of the review process.

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