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Editorial Board

Over the years, the journal has been indebted to past editors, Board members, and many ad-hoc reviewers, for their generous work in reviewing manuscripts. The journal would not exist without their scholarly endeavours. For a brief history of the journal, click here.

Past editors:
Stuart Sigman
Robert Sanders
Karen Tracy
Don Zimmerman
Kristine Fitch

This is the current Editorial Board, from April 2015 onwards:


Charles Antaki

Loughborough University, UK

Robert Arundale

University of Alaska, USA


Mary Bucholtz

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Richard Buttny

Syracuse University, USA


Donal Carbaugh

University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

Steven Clayman

University of California, Los Angeles, USA


Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen

University of Helsinki, Finland

Galina Bolden

Rutgers University, USA


Paul Drew

University of York, UK

Andrea Golato

Texas State University, USA


Anita Fetzer

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Kristine Fitch

University of Iowa, USA


Phillip Glenn

Emerson College, USA

Charles Goodwin

University of California, Los Angeles, USA


Leelo Keevallik

Linkoping University, Sweden

John Hellermann

Portland State University, USA


John Heritage

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Irene Koshik

University Of Illinois At
Urbana-Champaign, USA


Curtis LeBaron

Brigham Young University, USA

Douglas Maynard

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


Lorenza Mondada

University of Basel, Switzerland

Junko Mori

University of Wisconsin-Madison , USA


Aug Nishizaka

Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan

Gerry Philipsen

University of Washington, USA


Anssi Peräkylä

Helsinki University, Finand

Robert Sanders

University at Albany, SUNY, USA


Emanuel Schegloff

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Jakob Steensig

University of Aarhus, Denmark


Tanya Stivers

University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Jan Svennevig

University of Oslo, Norway


Johanna Ruusuvuori

Tampere University, Finand

Karen Tracy

University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

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